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Primary Focus’ ambition is for every Australian child – regardless of postcode – to leave primary school with the gifts of reading fluency, writing with mastery, mathematical fluency and command of the spoken english language equipping them as lifelong learners for their journey into the 21st Century.  

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Primary Focus understands the dedication of Australian teachers to improving teaching practices and learning outcomes. We want to support their work by catalyzing evidence-based policy change and improving the professional learning, and curriculum resources offered to primary teachers once they are in schools, we also want to improve the quality of initial teacher education before they get there.

Our advocacy is for a change in practice to align with the evidence of what makes for the best learning in all Australian primary schools. Our direct investment and support is reserved for schools with ICSEA of 1000 or below. Our direct investment indigenous program is for schools with a minimum of 15% indigenous students. 

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Are you an education leader or policy-maker who works in improving primary school education across a system or in areas of socio-economic disadvantage? Do you want to make primary school outcomes better? Let's work together.

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