The most important lever for equity in our society is strong education fundamentals in literacy and numeracy for all students regardless of post-code. In the past Australian did a much better job at supporting primary schools to deliver this objective. The gap in reading, writing and vocabulary as well as numeracy between low and high socio-economic groups has been growing in recent decades. Education leaders and policy-makers have an obligation to implement policies and support practices which can achieve this.

Indigenous Disadvantage - time for direct action

Primary Focus has observed the impact of the Kimberley Schools Program. This program provides teachers and leaders across the Kimberley with high calibre and ongoing professional learning and support improving the quality of the curriculum resources the teachers draw on, the quality of instruction they deliver in class and the assessment protocols they use. This has led to visible improvements in the learning occurring across these schools. Primary Focus is willing to support, including raising funds, to provide this professional learning and these resources to any group of three or more geographically close primary schools with ICSEA below 1000 and more than 15% indigenous students. We will help you implement this tried, tested and sustainable approach to primary school improvement. Make contact today