The Kimberley region is a socially diverse area spanning over 423, 517 square kms with a population of 40 000: half the population comprises Aboriginal people who represent more than 30 traditional Aboriginal language groups. 

The Kimberley Schools Project is a $25 million government funded three year program that includes coaching and advice for school leaders and teachers, as well as learning and assessment resources that are evidence-based.

Since 2016 the Kimberley Schools project has involved 22 schools, 198 teachers (111 K–2, 87 3–6), 139 education assistants and improved the lives of 3215 students (1568 K–2, 1647 3–6, 1134 7–12). 

The project involves: 

  • Professional learning for the whole school in regional clusters
  • 8 instructional coaches who observe teachers 8–10 times per year
  • Science-aligned reading, spelling, writing and vocabulary instruction and explicit instruction in mathematics
  • Low variation curriculum 
  • Whole-school teacher-directed instructional approach

This program is helping Indigenous students reach their potential across the Kimberley.

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