Teach Well provides life-long learning opportunities for teachers and school leaders, that translate research into action, improving outcomes for all students. Teach Well’s approach is based upon:

  • Students First – we only work with practices that have been shown to improve student outcomes. We’re continually evaluating the research base and monitoring new developments.
  • High Expectations – for ourselves and for the teachers and leaders we work with
  • Doing the Difficult Work – we go beyond the usual professional learning approaches of just workshop days to provide sustained and collaborative opportunities that focus on application, feedback and coaching.

Teach Well have worked with over 1,000 teachers and leaders through their Masterclass Series in High-Impact Instruction.

The Masterclass Series Approach 

Working from a robust research and evidence base and providing concrete techniques teachers can use immediately, this Masterclass Series supports teachers to build high-impact instruction. Throughout the Masterclass Series, teachers: 

  • Are supported to implement and embed evidence-based teaching strategies into their own classrooms. 
  • Receive rich feedback about student learning, as they’re teaching, so that they can make decisions on what to teach next, using information from every student in their class. 
  • Improve student participation and engagement, such that every student achieves at least a year’s worth of progress, masters concepts and retains learning in the future. 

The Masterclass Series supports teachers and teacher leaders to improve application in their own classroom through a very practical learning experience, with a pathway to mastery for all participants. 

In 2020:

  • 99% of teachers reported they changed their daily teaching practices and students confirmed this
  • 73% of teachers noted improvements in student behaviour 
  • 94% of participants reported increased academic progress, with 40%+ participants being able to show increased progress against a comparison
  • 85% of teachers serving students in complex communities were more confident their students could achieve grade-level content by the end of the course.

To learn more and for a full impact evaluation visit: www.teach-well.com.au

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